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51:10     men's purity group

Creating a pure heart and renewing a steadfast spirit


51:10 men's purity group is a Biblically based and process-oriented group that focuses on helping men find purity and sobriety from porn and other unwanted sexual behaviors. This group utilizes the Seven Pillars of Freedom workbook created by Pure Desire Ministries, along with other therapeutic techniques for addiction recovery. This group's goal is to offer proven principles and practical tools from a Biblical and psychological perspective to help you walk with sexual integrity. With up to 68% of men in the church viewing porn on a regular basis, 51:10 is an essential tool for men to help themselves and others in this fight!

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. - Psalm 51:10

A typical 51:10 men's purity group is made up of 6 to 8 men, including one of our counselors as the group leader who is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Candidate. The setting is casual. We meet once a week for an hour and a half processing the Seven Pillars of Freedom workbook, discussing how to apply the lessons from the workbook, and holding each other accountable in recovery. Homework is assigned in the workbook between each group meeting which includes the tools every man needs to finish strong and find sexual purity.

How to sign up and join
the 51:10 Men's Purity Group

Group Information

51:10 is an on-going group that is open so long as we don't have more than 10 members at a time. If you'd like to join but the member cap is met, you'll be added to a wait list and connected immediately once there is availability.

Meeting Time & Location

Mondays evenings at Judah Christian Counseling & Recovery, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
here for more information on our location.

Group Attendees

This is a men's only group for those 18 or older. 


Group members are charged $60 per group meeting.
The Seven Pillars of Freedom workbook can be purchased from the counseling center for $37.18.

Sliding Scale Option is available to those who qualify, click here for more info.

Requirements for Group Participation

We become like the people we spend time around. In an effort to help everyone reach higher levels, we ask that anyone wanting to be part of 51:10 live by the below requirements: 

  1. Regular Attendance - For a group like this to work, it must be filled with people who are making purity a priority and regular attendance helps form the necessary bonds. 
    The Ask: Commit to attend, at the very minimum, 7 out of every 8 meetings.


  2. Reach Out to Others - "Bear each other's burdens, in this you fulfill the law of Christ." No man is an island. This group succeeds if the men support one another. It fails if men are "too busy" to connect. The enemy does not want you to lock arms with brothers in this fight. We need to push past this!
    The Ask: Reach out to a minimum of 2 fellow group members each week. 


  3. Filters on Devices - Electronic monitoring software and filters are frequently the first and last line of defense for sexual purity. It is possible for men to achieve purity without them, but most cannot. Those who are new to the fight typically want to try to do it without filters so they don't completely burn the bridge to pornography. See below for a list of recommended filters and electronic monitoring software. 
    The Ask: Filters should be on all devices.


  4. Daily Bible Reading - The Bible makes multiple references to the idea that we can put in work, but ultimately God is the one that establishes plans and makes growth happen. In order to ideally position ourselves for growth, daily Bible reading must be part of our routine.
    The Ask: Incorporate daily Bible reading into your routine.

This will not be a problem for most of you.
This is not intended to push people out; it is intended to refine us into conquers.

Sign up and join the waiting list
for 51:10

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Read more on Sexual Addictions
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Below is a list of the most common accountability and filtering software those in our recovery groups use. This is not an exhaustive list of every available resource, but these are the tools we most often see and have had the most success with. Remember that these filters are not the solution - they are just tools to help you get to purity.

Covenant Eyes
This is software you download for all your electronic devices with internet access. It not only filters internet content, but also provides a list of flagged websites and web searches to select accountability partners of your choice. Find out more about Covenant Eyes by clicking here.

Accountable 2 You

Another software you download that filters and monitors all electronic devices with internet access. Find out more about Accountable 2 You by clicking here.

Disney Circle

This parental control software lets you manage screen time and monitor not just some, but all websites and apps. Along with blocking inappropriate content, you can set the custom rules for sites like YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, Facebook, etc., across all your household connected devices. Each person in the household can have their own custom set of rules, limits, and filters. This works for both at-home Wi-Fi and for mobile data. Find out more about Disney Circle by clicking here.

Block Site

This comes as both a Google Chrome Extension and as an app for mobile phones that blocks inappropriate sites. It can also block sites and web searches based on customizable key phrases, and you can add websites to a "blacklist" that will also be blocked. Find out more about Block Site by clicking here.


This is a Google Chrome plugin that you can download for Google Chrome on both your computer and your phone that blocks all images. Very helpful for avoiding potential acting out triggers. Find out more about Wizmage by clicking here.

Click to Remove Element

This is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to right-click on images and other elements on a webpage to remove them from your view. Very helpful for avoiding potential acting out triggers. Find out more about Click to Remove Element by clicking here.

Accountability Software

Interested in individual counseling? Reach out to one of our experienced counselors below to begin the recovery process!

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Counselors who work with sexual addiction:

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