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Types of Counseling Services


Individual counseling is where you work one-on-one with a therapist to receive support during challenging life circumstances. Individual counseling can help you deal with many issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, or even a combination of separate issues. You and your therapist will work together as a team to explore and define present problem situations, develop future goals for an improved life, and work in a systemic fashion toward realizing those goals.


Couples counseling is where you and your significant other work together with a therapist to help strengthen your relationship and work though current issues. This includes married couples, those who are dating, and even couples who are seeking to get married. Couples tend to seek counseling when either trust has been broken, arguments tend to become more frequent, communication is poor, or when the relationship feels stuck in bad patterns.


Sometimes an issue may involve the whole family and working with an individual alone will not completely resolve the issue. Family counseling is a service which may involve different members of the family coming in for their own individual sessions, or it may involve the family system coming together as a group with a counselor. Family counseling does not see one member of the family as the root issue, but rather looks at the family system as a whole.


Adolescents can benefit from individual work with a counselor. There are some issues a teen may feel more comfortable sharing with a counselor than with his or her family system. The goal of the counselor is to work with both the adolescent and the parents to ensure the best service is offered that meets the family's goals but also establishes a trusting relationship with the teen.

Group counseling is an effective tool for learning new skills, processing difficult experiences, and working through the recovery process. While working in groups of 3 to 8 people, clients learn to share and trust one another while pursing common goals. Many find comradery in a group they would not find in individual counseling.

For a list of our current groups, click here


Extended couples sessions are called Intensives which are designed based on each couple's unique needs to help further develop skills and work out complicated issues. These sessions can last for a few hours or take place through a few days.


Tele-counseling is simply getting the counseling you need from wherever you are. Many people are uncomfortable with going to an office or leaving their home to talk about difficult topics so being in an environment that brings you comfort contributes to the healing process. If you have a smart device and an internet connection then you can have a confidential encounter with a counselor to talk about developing a plan to help you grow. 

When you call to set up an appointment, you'll receive easy to follow instructions that will have you using our VSEE application.

Christian Perspective

Counselors at JCCR are trained to integrate secular counseling skills with Biblical truths and values. Our counselors can offer a unique perspective for those who wish to approach their counseling experience through the lens of Christianity. However, our goal is not to impose personal values or even change a client's beliefs. We respect the religious beliefs of all clients and will work with anyone who is ready to work towards individual and relational growth.

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