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Couples Counseling

Coming together as a couple to meet with your counselor

Anyone who has been married or in a committed relationship for any length of time can attest to the fact that relationships can be hard work at times. Couples counseling is the perfect place for couples to come to gain knowledge and skills to help them cope with challenges that relationships can bring. We can help with concerns such as communication and conflict resolution skills, but beyond that, we help you learn

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how to function as a team.

Additionally, there may be times when we advise one or both partners to seek individual counseling to help them sort through some personal issues that are potentially causing strife in the relationship. Our personal histories play a large role in how we interact with others, including our significant others. It's important that we understand where we have been in order to move forward in current relationships in a healthy manner.

Premarital Counseling

We also offer premarital counseling services. Generally, we do this using the highly regarded Prepare / Enrich assessment. This program gathers information from both partners and then generates a thorough report with information about where the couple's strengths and growth areas lie. The counselor and couple will then spend several weeks going over the results of the assessment together, guiding the discussion of important topics regarding marriage.  

Counselors who work with couples:

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