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The pathway to being a successful LPC-Associate

Becoming a fully licensed professional counselor in the State of Texas can be a very overwhelming process. And before you can even begin the long journey of acquiring the required 3,000 hours for licensure, you need to first find the right supervisor. If you're interested in working with individuals, couples, children, families, or groups, and you'd like to learn how to counsel your clients from a Christian perspective, then Judah Christian Counseling's own C. Huston McComb may be the right supervisor for you! Huston McComb will supervisor any one seeking:

  • Licensure as an LPC-Associate in the State of Texas or pursuing their CSAT

  • Wanting to work with individuals, couples, children, families, or groups

  • Wanting to learn how to counsel from a Christian perspective

Portrait of Huston

Huston has been supervising LPC-Associates since 2010, teaching them the many facets of counseling technique and skill. He begins his process with an interview to make sure potential supervisees are a good fit. Huston will not enter any supervision agreement with an Associate if they plan on operating a private practice while under supervision as this creates too much liability for Huston and for Judah Christian Counseling.

These interviews go two ways: not only do we want to make sure you are a good fit for Huston, we want to ensure that the supervisor you choose will be a good mentor for you on the professional and personal levels. If you choose to work with Huston, you will learn:

  • Counseling techniques and evaluation

  • Federal compliance - such as HIPAA, BAA, HITECH, and FERPA

  • State Compliance - such as BHEC, Complaint Process, Your State Board and Supervisors

  • Practice platforms - such as forms, encrypted communications, EMR's, appointment scheduling, and video conferencing

  • Business development

What should you expect from the interview?

This relationship needs to be a good fit for both you and your supervisor. Supervisors are looking for people who have good character and a good work ethic. This is more than just making good grades in school - counseling needs to be your passion. We will want to hear your story as it pertains to you becoming a counselor. We want to know what makes you tick and what drives you. All counselors have a story, and you need to tell it.

What do you need to do next?

Spend some time with these three thoughts:

What do I want to accomplish?

What will it look like?

What am I willing to do to get to where I say I want to be?

Once you're ready, reach out to Huston McComb or give the office a call at (346) 302-8089 to set up your meeting!

I have been supervised by Huston since I was a practicum student. Not only does he provide a high level of perspective with clients, but he strongly desires you as a student or associate to succeed in the counseling process. He prepares you for being fully licensed and really makes it a point to be available whenever you need help with a case, not just in a supervision session. I would highly recommend Huston to be a LPC Supervisor to anyone interested in really having someone on their team that desire them to have success in the counseling world


 - Kendra Maner, LPC

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